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Here at McRae Designs we take hosting seriously. We do not oversell disk space or bandwidth and overload our servers. When you pay for hosting service with us, you get exactly what you pay for. Our disk space and bandwidth is divided equally among all accounts. We do not attract abusive or disruptive clients on our servers due to our pricing structure. Most people go with $5 to $10 hosting plans because of promises of unmetered bandwidth and/or disk space. Our aim is to provide rock solid hosting, while maintaining a reasonable price. Other hosting providers load their servers with hundreds of sites, thousands of MySQL databases and many other unmetered features. This can be a dangerous practice, by allowing users to get out of control. Though most hosts will detect this and impose limits on that account or even terminate it. But the fact that you are being sold something that does not in fact exist and is not even possible. It is just a bad way to do business in our eyes and it puts your site(s) in a potentially unsafe environment and at risk of poor performance.